Superharging to Increase Horsepower

Let’s focus on the word “supercharge” for a moment. In the context of this book, it means to fill the cylinder above and beyond the displacement that it ordinarily has. For instance, if a cylinder has a 50-ci displacement and, by one means or another … [Click here to read more...]


How to Build a Wiring Harness

This chapter covers the last major topic—harness basics. In addition, I’m going to present a number of examples that tie together what you’ve learned in the first eight chapters of the book. I chose examples that I feel most readers of this book will … [Click here to read more...]


Ford Engine Tuning and Examples

The Ford Mustang is arguably the most popular vehicle for the do-it-yourself tuner. Ford refers to its PCM as an EEC, or electronic engine control. Starting with the 1988 California specification, and 1989 50-state versions, the Mustang has been … [Click here to read more...]


The Rise of Drag Racing

Looking back on the glory days of drag racing, it’s easy to see where the hobby got its roots, even though modern-day drag racing is so far away from its earliest beginnings. These days, drag racing is a highbrow business, with big-money … [Click here to read more...]


Automotive Speed Secrets

A bold chapter title to be sure but, before going into the fundamental principles of what makes horsepower, let us look at the definition of horsepower. This seems a necessary step because, too often, novice enthusiasts are unaware of how horsepower … [Click here to read more...]


Abandoned Dragstrips: East Coast

As we continue eastward on our trek to find the coolest abandoned drag strips in the country, the terrain becomes a little rougher, and it’s easy to see why it was more popular to build tracks out West. The hilly lands of Pennsylvania, and many of … [Click here to read more...]


GM Engine Tuning and Examples

GM PCMs used in the early TPI systems were a simple MAF based, bank-to-bank system. Early LT1 systems were speed density with sequential control with knock control. The LT1, 3800 V-6, and LS1 are primarily MAF based, sequential injection with knock … [Click here to read more...]


Exhaust System Performance Math

Choosing exhaust pipe diameter and header primary-tube diameter and length can be confusing. Generally, people tend to copy what others have done, often choosing too-large tube and pipe diameters with the belief that bigger is always better. Not so. … [Click here to read more...]


How to Tune Your Turbo Engine

While this book is primarily concerned with the mechanical world, today’s high performance engines have their mechanical and electronic functions fully integrated. In order to become successful with your project, you must become familiar with the … [Click here to read more...]


Introduction to Engine Tuning

Before this book even begins, I wish to make it perfectly clear that this is not an engine design or combustion theory text. The goal here is for the educated enthusiast, skilled technician, and automotive engineer alike to all be able to come away … [Click here to read more...]


How to Blueprint Engine Blocks

To blueprint an engine block, you must accurize it. You must achieve the proper bore dimensions, but also must consider the total geometric state of the block and correct any deviations from ideal geometry. This means that you inspect and machine in … [Click here to read more...]


Abandoned Dragstrips: The Midwest

There are folks who say hot rodding originated on the West Coast, and while those folks have a good point, it doesn’t mean gearheads in other parts of the country didn’t have a few ideas of their own. Drag racing certainly had its hotspot in Southern … [Click here to read more...]