Interesting Studebaker Muscle Car Facts

Maybe you built one as a kid, the Renwall (now Revell) Visible V-8 model kit is not based on the Chevy small-block.

Fact 951: Every muscle car enthusiast knows what an STP sticker looks like. But is there a Studebaker tie-in? Yes. STP oil treatment was first introduced in 1952 as a product of Chemical Compounds Inc. of St. Joseph, Misouri. An abbreviation for Scientifically Treated Petroleum, STP was a thriving business when Studebaker president Sherwood Egbert […]

Interesting AMC Muscle Car Facts

Born with a 232 six, this match-race Marlin got a surprising heart transplant.
(Photo Courtesy Steve Drucker)

Fact 851: Forget about the 1968 AMX, Rambler beat Corvette to the hot post–World War II two-seat sports car market by more than two years. The car was the 1951–1954 Nash-Healey, a European designed and built sportster with the heart of a 140-hp twin-carb Nash Statesman OHV six-cylinder. First introduced on February 16, 1951, by […]

Interesting Chrysler Muscle Car Facts

Was Mercury behind the successful Dodge and Chrysler 300 NASCAR
racers of the 1950s? Yes…and no.

Fact 801: Were Lincoln-Mercury and Chrysler working together on the NASCAR race circuit of the 1950s? Nothing could be further from the truth; infact, Mercury and Chrysler were bitter rivals on the race track and showroom floor. The seed of the confusion stems from Carl Kiekhaefer (founder and owner of the Wisconsin-based Mercury Outboard Motor […]

Interesting Dodge Muscle Car Facts

Was the Charger Daytona’s aero package just visual fl uff or did it work?

Fact 1: Gene Snow is a legendary Dodge funny car pilot. His daily driver has got to be something wild, right? Not so much. I had a chance meeting with the Snowman at the 1992 NHRA Winternationals in the (since decommissioned) Pomona timing tower. When I asked about his personal cars he said: “The last […]

Interesting Plymouth Muscle Car Facts

The 1970 Superbird nose cone wasn’t installed at Lynch Road. So where
was it installed?

Fact 1: Not long ago, few in the general public knew or cared what a Hemi was. But thanks to the massive revival of all things hemispherical at Chrysler (and a brilliantly conceived 2002 advertising campaign built around the legendary engine) even soccer moms now know to ask, “That thing got a Hemi in it?” […]

Interesting Mercury Muscle Car Facts

Ford’s Boss 429 Mustang (1,358 built) stands as Ford’s only massproduced hemi-headed pony car. You need to know that Mercury also dabbled in the twisted-hemi gene pool. This 1970 Fleer bubble-gum trading card depicts one of two factory authorized Boss 429 Cougars built.

Fact 1: The 2-speed Columbia rear axle offered in early-1930s Ford and Mercury products almost made a spiritual comeback in 1969 as the “Streep” option for Mercury performance cars such as the Cougar Eliminator and Cyclone Spoiler. An abbreviation for “street and strip,” the Streep unit was manufactured by Dana/Spicer as a Salisbury design (integrated […]

Interesting Ford Muscle Car Facts

This Mustang door sticker was applied by Kar Kraft, which has nothing
to do with the popular car magazine.

Fact 1: Bruce Springsteen loves to sing about cars and despite some occasional technical boo-boos (see Fact #17), most efforts are spot-on. A great example is the song “Ramrod” from his 1980 album The River. The Boss describes taking “Dolly” out for a night of action in a 1932 Ford. But it isn’t stock: “. […]

Interesting Buick Muscle Car Facts

Buick’s 401-powered 1965–1966 GS400 was a rule bender that could have caused a big stir. Marketing torque output rather than piston displacement may have avoided a showdown with GM management.

  Fact 1: Apparently 1960s’ rock band The Doors front man, Jim Morrison, didn’t like Buicks. This is the story of how “C’mon Buick, light my fi re” became “Sorry Buick, we’re not for hire.” After his band mates agreed to allow Buick to adapt their hit song “Light My Fire” for use in a […]

Interesting Pontiac Muscle Car Facts


Fact 1: If Oldsmobile had its way, 1970 Camaro SS 396 and 455 Trans Am customers would also have the W-30–motivated Fiesta pony car to choose from (my fanciful guess as to what Oldsmobile might have named its F-Body variant). It seems Olds management was eager to take on Ford’s Mustang and lobbied hard to […]

Interesting Oldsmobile Muscle Car Facts


Fact 101: The GTO used in the March 1964 Car and Driver GTO-versusFerrari GTO story was a fraud, a glorious, brilliant fraud. The Ferrari never materialized on test day, but that didn’t matter. Masterminded by legendary Pontiac public relations guru Jim Wangers, Pontiac supplied a pair of 4-speed, Tri-Power test cars: a Nocturne Blue pre-production […]